Parenting Help During Coronavirus

Parenting Help During Coronavirus

Parenting during a pandemic is stressful. Here is some help to get you and your family through these weird times.

WXXI and our partners have pulled together some useful resources, guides, and tips to help you (the grownups) make it through stressful days - there are: daily routine ideas, ideas for de-stressing and releasing energy, and more. 

Daily Routine Ideas

Use these suggestions to create strong daily habits for you and your child. By creating a daily routine, you can use different parts of your day as learning opportunities and provide structure for your family. WXXI Education collaborated with Dr. Elizabeth Murray from University of Rochester Medical Center to create this list of ideas. Download here.

Daily Schedule

Tips/Ideas for De-stressing

These are stressful times we're in. Being home with our kids all day or having to leave to go to work, the stress levels are high. Here are some ideas for how you can try to bring the stress levels down a bit:

Guides for Learning at Home

With students learning from home, you are having to create new routines and dealing with new issues. Try using some of these tips to develop new habits:

Energy-releasing Ideas

Kids have A LOT of energy, especially young children. Here are some ideas to help release some of that kid-energy (and create learning experiences too!):

Talking to Your Kids

It's hard to know what to say all the time - kids ask a lot of questions and sometimes, it's hard to know the right thing to say. Use these tips to help you explain and answer your child's questions/concerns:

Creating More Structure at Home

Kids like to know what is going to happen next. Developing structure during the day helps you and your child make plans and follow a schedule - here are some tips to try:

Take Care of the Grownups

It's really important, especially during stressful times, to take care of ourselves (the grownups!). 

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