Math: Content Area Learning Resources

Math: Content Area Learning Resources

Think Math - PBS LearningMedia Collection by KET

WXXI Education has pulled together Math learning resources for students in grades 6-12th grade. 

WXXI Education has curated a list of useful Math learning resources (lesson plans, content collections, partner sites, interactives, and printables) for students and educators in grades 6-12. These resources help support students learning at home in multiple ways:

  1. Aligned to WXXI's Learn At Home broadcast and connect to content being aired
  2. Can be used/assigned as stand-alone learning pieces, separate from the broadcast
  3. Can be shared with parents and caregivers as another safe space for students to learn
  4. Aligned to state and national learning standards so they meet the needs of learners across the country

PBS LearningMedia: Math Subject Area - Bring math concepts to life through interactive games, animations and engaging media resources.

All of the above topic areas are available as PBS LearningMedia Math One-Sheets to share with students and educators. One-sheets include a clickable link and QR code for easy access. 

Favorite Math Collections
There are tons of Math resources available through PBS LearningMedia, here are WXXI Education's top Math collections:

1. Math + ArtsThis collection of lesson plans uses dance, drama, music, and visual arts to teach math concepts.

2. Math at the Core: Middle SchoolFind engaging media and integrated activities, all aligned with the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. Designed for middle school students of diverse learning styles and backgrounds. Explore the collection by Common Core Domain (Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Numbers & Operations, The Number System, Ratios & Proportions, Equations & Expressions, Functions, Measurement & Data, Geometry, Statistics & Probability), or by grade level (5-8th grades).

3. Cyberchase: Cyberchase is the Emmy award-winning animated math mystery show featuring a team of curious kids who use their math and problem solving skills to outwit and outsmart the villain Hacker in their quest to save Cyberspace. In addition to segments from the animated portion of the show, this collection of resources includes live-action For Real segments, in which hosts Bianca and Harry explore the show's math topics in everyday life. Topics include: Algebra, Data Analysis and Measurement, Geometry, Numbers and Operations, Math and Health, Math and the Environment, and Cyberchase At-Home Activities.

4. Think Math: These entertaining, imaginative resources from KET include standards-based interactives and videos for grades 5-8. Think Math offers 43 KET-produced resources from Math at the Core: Middle School, including 17 Scale Cityvideos and interactives about proportional reasoning, 14 Wild Fractions animations and games that feature visual models for fraction multiplication and division, nine Logical Leaps interactives about number lines, and three Maritime Mysteries interactives involving Cartesian graphs. Designed to appeal to diverse learners, these KET resources provide real-world connections, opportunities to think more deeply about mathematics, and ways to use both logic and computation to solve problems.

Additional Math Resources from Partner Organizations

Annenberg Learner Series - Educator Math Resources