Culinary Arts: Cooking, Baking, & Kitchen Science

Culinary Arts: Cooking, Baking, & Kitchen Science

WXXI Education has pulled together recipes, baking series, kitchen science activities, and more!

WXXI Education has curated a list of recipes, culinary activities, articles, and more, related to encouraging young people to explore kitchen science. These resources:

  1. Support WXXI's Learn At Home broadcast and are connected to content being aired (like the Great British Baking Show!)
  2. Can be used as stand-alone learning pieces, separate from the broadcast
  3. Can be shared with parents and caregivers as activity ideas
  4. Are fun!

    Resources by Grade Level

    For Young Children:

    For Elementary Level:

    For Middle/High School Level:

    Food-Related PBS LearningMedia Collections

    Think Garden Collection: This engaging collection helps teach elementary students about the art and science of growing food, with an emphasis on biological and environmental concepts. It also addresses topics related to nutrition and economics.

    In Defense of Food Collection: The In Defense of Food curriculum for middle-school aged students. It is designed to help adolescents develop something valuable: practical tools for healthier eating. Even though scientists know a lot about food and health, the messages that reach adolescents about healthy eating have become increasingly complex and contradictory.

    Our Hungry Planet: Our Hungry Planet: Food for a Growing Population, created by the California Academy of Sciences, explores environmental issues related to the food we grow and eat. Using videos and associated activities, you can engage your students in thinking about ways to reduce food waste or how their diet choices can impact the environment.

    PBS Food: Satisfy your appetite for learning with these resources from PBS Food! The impact of healthy, organic, and sustainable food spans from industrial agriculture science to your home kitchen table, and now into the classroom with these videos and recipes aimed at making Food an accessibly teaching platform.

    Ruff Ruffman's Kitchen Chemistry: Targeted to students in kindergarten to second grade, this science resource collection from The Ruff Ruffman Show features teacher's guides, YouTube-inspired videos, digital games, and student activities in English and Spanish starring canine host extraordinaire, Ruff Ruffman. Ruff, along with his trusty assistants Blossom the cat and Chet the mouse, answers questions from kids, takes on challenges, and learns the value of failure—all while modeling science inquiry skills and learning about core science concepts. Bring the fun of Ruff's scientific investigations into your classroom and use the letters to families to extend the learning at home!

    Recipe Ideas
    Use the following series and resources to find new recipes to try out:

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