WXXI's Community Observation Challenge

WXXI's Community Observation Challenge

Chris and Martin Kratt observing a grasshopper.

Join WXXI as we continue to be citizen scientists and observe our community through a special ongoing WXXI Community Observation Challenge!

Let's explore the biodiversity our region has to offer by sharing photos of wildlife observations in backyards, local parks, nature trails, sidewalks...Participation is easy, free, and open to anyone in the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region. Help us see all the different living things in our community and get excited about being citizen scientists. 

What to do:

  1. Download the free iNaturalist app onto your device. 
  2. Find wildlife - any plant, animal, tracks, bug, etc. 
  3. Take a photo of whatever you find (and remember where you found it!).
  4. Upload your picture to the iNaturalist app and choose the project: WXXI Community Observation Challenge

(Not into using an app? Snap photos of your observations and remember the important details [date, time, location] and then upload on the iNaturalist website later!)

This project is ongoing! So get outside (yes, even in the winter!), explore, observe and participate as many times as you'd like!


To participate in the Backyard Observation Challenge, download the FREE iNaturalist app, which works on all devices - Android version and Apple versionNeed help learning how to use iNaturalist? Check out some of the video tutorials. Teachers: there's even an iNaturalist educator guide to help with use in your classroom instruction!


Take your nature knowledge up a notch with Seek! Use the power of image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals all around you. No registration is involved, and no user data is collected. This is a great app for families who want to spend more time exploring nature together. Learn more and download the Seek by iNaturalist app!