Family Movie Night: PBS KIDS Talk About: Race & Racism

Family Movie Night: PBS KIDS Talk About: Race & Racism

Fri, 02/19/2021 - 6:00pm - Sun, 02/21/2021 - 10:00pm


This weekend's Family Movie Night revisits two new specials from Sesame Street and PBS KIDS and a favorite, focusing on having conversations about new friends, what makes us the same and different, race, racism, and ways that we can have these conversations with our young children. **Please note: Family Movie Night is always recommended as a co-viewing experience, but especially while watching this week.**

WXXI Education has pulled together some resources (below) to support grownups and children while watching this weekend. 

Here's this weekend's Family Movie Night schedule:

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Overviews of Specials

The Power of We: A Sesame Street Special features Elmo and Abby Cadabby, who are joined by 6-year-old Muppet Gabrielle and her cousin, 8-year-old Tamir. Come along with these friends as they learn how to become “upstanders” to unfair treatment based on skin or fur color.

The Power of We: A Sesame Street Special centers on four friends: Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Gabrielle, and Gabrielle's cousin Tamir. With other Sesame Street neighbors and celebrity guests, the friends explore their own identities and skin colors and come to understand what it means to be "color-proud"—to have pride in your own culture and race. In age-appropriate ways, the friends learn what each of us can do to stand up to racism, for ourselves and one another.


The PBS KIDS Talk About: Race and Racism special is a half-hour program featuring authentic conversations between real children and their growmups, and will include content from PBS KIDS series DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, ARTHUR and XAVIER RIDDLE AND THE SECRET MUSEUM.

The special features children and their grownups talking about race and racial justice-related topics in an age-appropriate way, such as noticing differences in race, understanding what racism can look like, and embracing the role we all have to play in standing up for ourselves and each other -- offering viewers ideas to build on as they continue these important conversations at home.

Watch & Play Together Guide

Talking about racism helps to answer children’s often hard questions about race and unfair treatment of people based on the color of their skin. It can also help us all learn what we can do to make our diverse world equitable and fair for all. The Power of We celebrates every child’s unique identity and sense of belonging to a caring community and inclusive world. Our friends at Sesame Workshop put together a helpful guide to use while watching together. Sesame Workshop also put together a list of helpful questions (and words that grownups can use to talk with their children).