Adult Education

Adult Education

Workforce Essential Skills:

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Workplace Essential Skills: Watch Here

Series Description: For adults who want to get — and keep — good jobs, this adult literacy series may be just the answer. Workplace Essential Skills teaches not just the skills but also the attitudes necessary to succeed at work. Reading, writing, math, communication, and problem solving are presented in workplace contexts. Learners see how to prepare résumés and applications and how to prepare themselves for interviews and for the workplace. Documentary and scripted footage shows what employers look for in new hires and how to fit in and thrive in a new job. This supplementary series for use by classroom, individuals or for integration into an existing program of study.

TV 411: Watch here:

Series Description: The series provides practical literacy and life skills focusing on parenting, money matters and health. Lively video lessons teach math and writing, reading comprehension, and include motivational interviews with popular personalities and adult learners. This service is free but requires registration.
Dropping Back In Video Series

Dropping Back In: Watch Here

Series Description: Dropping Back In features half-hour programs which introduce people that left school and are now reconnecting to education and training opportunities. The stoies show the issues they face and the people and programs helping them to succeed in continuing their education and furthering their work opportunties.

Adult Education Resource Sites

Actively Learn



Teaching to the Core

ASISTS website

NYS Acccountability for Adult Education

High School Equivalency in NY State


BestPlus Resources

NYSED Calendar of RAEN trainings for Adult Ed Teachers


Finger Lakes Adult Literacy Program Providers

Finger Lakes Regional Adult Education Network at Monroe 2 BOCES

Note: You Can Find High School Equivalency and Testing Information at the NY State Education Department Site.