Invasive Species Education Resources

Invasive Species Education Resources

WXXI Education has pulled together educational support resources related to learning about invasive species.

In support of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) new documentary called "Uninvited: The Spread of Invasive Species", WXXI Education staff have collected resources from our partners and PBS LearningMedia that are appropriate for use with middle and high school students.

These materials touch on: invasive species, climate change, biodiversity, human activity, stewardship, restoration, community science, and more. 

NYSDEC Resources | PRISM Resources | PBS LearningMedia Resources & Collections

NYSDEC Resources
The following materials are resources shared by New York State Department of Environmental Convservation:

  • Invasive Species Education & Outreach Initiatives
  • K-12 Invasive Species Educator Resources: It is crucial that students have a basic understanding of invasive species and what they can do to help stop the spread. By instilling this knowledge at an early age, we can help mold them into becoming good stewards of the environment. Incorporate invasive species into your classroom by utilizing these resources.

  • About Uninvited: The documentary introduces the concept of invasive species and highlights some of the species threatening New York's environment and economy, while also showing some innovative ways that New York State is combatting these threats. Uninvited features the collaborative work of DEC and its partners including NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets, the eight Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs), New York State Invasive Species Research Institute (NYISRI), and more. 

    More details can be found here:

    Watch the full documentary here: 

Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM) Resources
The following materials are provided by New York State's PRISMs and Finger Lakes PRISM:

PBS LearningMedia Resources
The following materials are curated from PBS LearningMedia and include collections and individual resources:

Topic: Invasive Species

Topic: Climate Change

Topic: Stewardship / Human Impact /Conservation

Topic: Biodiversity / Ecosystems