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Friday, with the Analog Shutdown has come and gone along with some viewers!

Friday, June 12 has come and gone… Leaving some viewers with no broadcast television reception.

Last Minute Change - really

In order to minimize staffing requirements and to better serve the viewers that are not yet digital... WXXI has decided to begin the FCC requested "Regional NightLight Service" at 8:00 am Friday morning rather than the times mentioned in prior messages.

The 'FINAL DEADLINE' Friday June 12th - Help is still available!

At about 23:30 hours, (that's 11:30 pm) on June 12, WXXI-TV will cease normal programming on analog 21 and begin special 'NightLight' programming for the Rochester region. (Other stations will shutdown analog operations earlier in the day, see below.) The NightLight programming has been designed to provide support in converting analog television receivers to digital as well as an emergency communication channel, in the event of a regional or national emergency, for those viewers that have not successfully made the digital receiver conversion

February 17 Has Come and Gone

February 17 has come and gone with only one station making the cutoff, WUHF Analog Channel 31. The word is that they will continue the NiteLite Program (where they broadcast important information regarding the setup of digital receivers) for 14 days thru March 4th. The 18th generated a few more call than normal in the Rochester area.   The national FCC phone bank apparently transferred calls from other locations to the WXXI DTV Help desk as we took calls from several out-of-state locations. (I’m sure that they didn

DTV101 Session II Notes

Well, the past few days have been very interesting.  As the legal analog shutoff deadline is still February 17th [ed: now extended to June 12th] we are taking more calls than ever.  If you are having DTV reception issues, need more information or just have questions as to what this is all about please feel free to contact our DTV Hotline @ 866-348-9994.


DTV Education Presentation 'Voices' Sunday january 11th.

 For those that need advice on dealing with the DTV conversion (analog shutoff) and set-up of the converter boxes,  WXXI will be presenting and I will be hosting a 'Voices' session at WXXI studios, 280 State Street in downtown Rochester on Sunday, January 11 @ 2:00 pm...  A hands on session will follow the presentation.  Admission is free and open to the public..  Please RSVP to 585-325-7500.

Time and Coupons Running Short

 The FCC / NTIA announced yesterday that funding for the DTV set-top box coupon program is running low...  If you have not yet applied for coupons then do it now...   The coupon system will enter your data and place you in line for coupons as funding becomes available.  At last note, the delivery of coupons was running about 6 weeks behind.

WXXI will present DTV 101 - Session II live January 22 @ 8:00 pm... I'll be there to answer your hookup questions.  See you then.


Update: NTIA Coupon Program Extended to March 3st. 2009

 Well, as you can see from the title... NTIA Coupon Program Extended to March 3st. 2009.

If you have not requested a coupon for purchase of a set-top converter box, the deadline has been extended.  Call 888-388-2009 or visit  Remember it takes four to six weeks for the coupons to arrive.


16 X 9 Programming & channel 21-4

On December 17th WXXI started converting all programming from a 4x3 aspect ratio to a 16x9 ratio... this means that programs viewed on a 4x3  (old style set) will be letterboxed.  This means the picture will be smaller and have black bands at the top and bottom.  Some programs are still being fed to WXXI from PBS already in a letterbox format this adds even more 'black' area on the sides.  If the viewer is using a set-top box, there is a feature that allows the viewer to 'zoom-in' to improve the picture size.

DTV Converter Coupon Program Ends Soon!

Over the next few days WXXI and the other broadcasters in the Rochester region will be working to inform all of the coming analog televison shutoff on February 17th.  One of the most important aspects of this conversion is the availibility of coupons to offset the price of the set-top converter boxes.  This program will not take any more requests for coupons after December 31th.  So, If you have been putting off the coupon reques, NOW IS THE TIME...  It takes only a few minutes...