Q & A with Carlet Cleare

Carlet Cleare: Public Affairs Reporter/ProducerCarlet Cleare: Public Affairs Reporter/ProducerCarlet Cleare, WXXI’s Public Affairs Reporter/Producer, works on-air and on-mic reporting and producing compelling news stories on topics relevant to the community. Be sure to tune in to WXXI-TV 21 (cable 11) for the Need to Know special, Response to Murder on Thursday, August 21 at 9 p.m. where Carlet traces what happened to a young man after he’s shot to death in a stranger’s driveway in the City of Rochester.

Q. As the reporter who worked on this month’s Need to Know special, Response to Murder, what was the most challenging part of producing that story?

A. There were a couple, but the most challenging part was trying to take the twenty some-odd interviews and put them together in a way that was comprehensive, captivating and sensitive. There were so many great interviews I had to sift through. So, making the decisions on who tells what part of the story and why took time, strategy and patience.

Q. What do you hope viewers will come away with after seeing the Need to Know special?

A. My hope is that they gain a different perspective on city violence. We all know it needs to stop, and that it’s a serious problem with no easy answer. I’m not trying to come up with a solution or remedy for Rochester’s steady low of homicides, but rather tell one young man’s story, hopefully, peeling back layers for a deeper look into what really occurs beyond the eleven o’clock news.

Q. Why did you choose a career in news reporting?

A. I must say my journey into news has been a divine one. I say that because, sadly, growing up I didn‘t like news—not at all. After seven years of working as a barber and getting the scoop on what’s happening, I decided to go to college to study communications. Not completely understanding what news reporting was, I slowly learned that I had the raw materials for it. I enjoyed writing; whether it was poetry, short stories or memoirs, and teaching, creating lesson plans and delivering them. The path of journalism was given to me because I could combine my two passions: the love for helping people and story telling.



Aunt Carlet you've done awesome on NTK keep up the goood work and keeep your smart and positive attitude!!!!
Love Your Niece,
Naomi xoxoxoxoxo