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daniel davis

I'm sorry to just now hear about his death. I knew him and his family his family raised him the best way they could but we know you never no when you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time you never know a person mind of when he or she might be after someone. All I'm saying is Rochester is not safe and we all need to be careful.

I think the chief should

I think the chief should look into the program that ran last night on WXXI, he did not have the basis of the program or a correct understanding. I agree that that would be one way to clean up an area or two. I wanted so badly to call in but never have voiced an opinion in this type of forum. I don't think I have an answer to the drugs and violence in the city and unfortunately I don't believe that anyone in charge of the City has any answers either. The chief talked about having a role model for kids, who do you think are their role models?,the kids that are on the street and living the gang bang life are having kids and the vicious cycle continues, as it has for as long as I can remember. Also you cannot make a parent be responsible, especially if you consider that to take a child from a home that is neglectful you have such rigid rules, ex, being fed, would be considered milk in the fridge and a loaf of bread, being housed, could be a delapitated house, point being, if you want to make parents be better parents, have higher expectations. I grew up in the city, Dewey and Driving Park, I am appalled at the condition of that part of the city now. Thank god my parents at the time got out and moved to Webster....I currently reside in a suburb and you could not pay me enough to have my children go to a city school, when I went, 20 some years ago, there was no respect for teachers, I remember a kid in my class hitting the teacher in the head, girls fighting with Nair......and that was when the city was ok. I went through the drug and drinking stage, actually longer than I should of but eventually I saw it was not getting me anywhere, and luckily I got out before Crack, I know so many people from when I went to school that stayed in the City environment, that are dead or worse living on the street addicted to crack, there are no easy answers, there are so many issues that all tie in, but I have learned that most in charge will just talk around the issues and not think outside of the box. Also there is so much red tape in every area that needs to be redirected (rehab, social services, jail, child welfare, Etc...... you will not get rid of the violence in the city until the racism (on both sides) is addressed and all of the other issues plaguing citizens in the City...I wish there was more to do

The Danny Davis Story Response

I thank WXXI , Ms. Davis along with her family and friends, and Cheif Moore for making this NTK special. I am a mother of a 12 year old living in Rochester near Baush & Lomb. This is a working class neighborhood however on Clifford Ave and also on N.Goodman there is constant violence. I am scared. My son is a great child that I my brother and my mother look after very well. Ms Davis made the point in her interview to mention " You should be able to walk down Faribanks with out being shot..." However I feel no matter where you are in the cities at risk areas you cant , anything can happen weather your looking from trouble or walking home from the corner store or going to work leaving your dirveway. I will not let my son play in the front yard, play is always in the yard and the gatewhich is always closed is 4 feet high and locks . He will not go biking with out an adult and if he wants to go to friend's house. I have to drive him there, speak woth the parents and enter the home as well. The parent and I exchange numbers and I insure an adult will be home while my son is there and that this adult will go out with the kids if they leave the house. I want my son to have a full life and good friends but it will cost his freedom, and a child should have freedom, however in many parts of the city you cannot turst you child to the streets. He will be attending middle school and I am scared that he will need to catch the bus at the corner away from our home. What if someone attacks him , what if other teens or adults with ill intenetions come across his bus stop? As a parent I feel that it is my duty to know the parents know the friends and make sure we are like minded in attitude for your young people. I dont know how like he will allow me to do this before teen angst eats away at this carefully construceted world I have put together. I was rasied in this mannor on Ceaderwood Terr and Federal St in the projects. I made it though school with out incident, went to college, I have a great job and remain close to my mother how protected me so well. Yes I was not happy as a teen that I had no freedom however I am alive.
If possible I would like a response from any of our city leaders, police officals, mayor, or parents to possibly make a connection to other "like minded" parents. Maybe we can form a network or support group to keep Rochester's children on the right path.



As an activist and youth development specialist, I find myself increasingly frustrated by the standard talking points repeated over and over by Rochester's leaders. There are thousands of caring, committed volunteers and professionals investing themselves in myriad ways to support a culture of nonviolence in the Rochester area. We have not become "desensitized"- we are overwhelmed and under-supported!

Personally, I have mentored, taught, trained, and otherwise worked with dozens of "at-risk" young people and youth in the justice system. I've listened to hundreds of teenagers in forums and conferences. Rochester teens are telling us what they need and it's more than "tough love", a return to "traditional" values, or curfew initiatives. I don't disagree with Chief Moore that parenting and family support are important in the lives of young people but it seems like a cop-out to continually repeat the mantra that personal and parental responsibility are necessary prerequisites before we can reduce violence in our community. We must recognize that significant, serious investment must be made in our young people, throughout their development, regardless of their family structure (or lack thereof), their cultural background, or their past mistakes.

I am in the process now of launching City at Peace-Rochester, a program of ArtPeace. City at Peace has demonstrated consistently excellent academic and social outcomes in the cities where it has been operating since its founding in 1994. Why? Because it is intense, it is long-term, and it specifically and intentionally empowers teenagers to tackle the issues that most affect them. Rather than helping, fixing, or saving kids- City at Peace is about preparing diverse groups of young people to be engaged community leaders through the development of specific knowledge and skills. (See for more information)

As I write this, I am struggling to raise the funds necessary to fund this program adequately and I know that I will spend the majority of my time in activities related to funding the program- even though I would rather devote most of my time and energy to interacting with our participants. I will do what I need to do because I am certain that City at Peace will make a lasting difference in the lives of our community's teens but I resent the fact that it must continually be so difficult to make these kinds of options available to our kids.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that opportunities to connect with others, to engage in meaningful activities and to be of service are the most effective strategies for encouraging the positive development of our young people, our society continues to invest disproportionate amounts of available funds in reactive, punitive, and counterproductive measures to contain and control youth. It is as though we are afraid to truly empower young people- perhaps if we did, they might hold us accountable for our failure to provide them adequate opportunities. I, for one, am willing to take that risk.

Daniel Davis

I know the whole backround of the that was daniel davis.Danielle did more to derail daniel's progress while
he was enroll at crestwood,she stop giving his medication.daniel tried to find outlet to cope,like part-time
job at the age of 14,using his money to take care of his brother & two sisters,until danielle made him quit
because the barber shop that he was working for wouldn't pay her dan's wages when she demanded.the
produces should have check the mother's past & her failed dealings with her children.

adding insult to injury

adding insult to injury still don't give a reason for a killer to gun down a 16 year old no matter how you look at it....we all have had problems in our home with our mothers and our fathers still does not mean we are suppose to be gunned down in the street. so if you are blaming his mother for his so untimely death maybe you should evaluate the person you are or maybe you have something personal you don't like about his mother. But as long as she didn't pull the trigger you can not blame her for Daniel's death the shooter is at fault. So have some compassion we as people need to care more about one another she just lost her son forever for crying out loud. Nobody has the right to gun you down in the street because of the judgement they pass on your mother or fathers parenting if that's the case according to parenting then alot of us should of been gunned down with Danny. Don't be so quick to point the blessed and happy if you have children they are still alive in Jesus name and I to know Ms.Davis very well and I know she loved her son and would of stood in front of any bullet coming his way if she could have. So if she falls short pray for her don't assassinate her character she just lost her son show never know when or if you may ever be in her shoes. May God Bless And Guide You.

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