1370 Connection: The Uncertain Economy

An examination of an uncertain economy, with MCC professor emeritus Kathy Bromley. Click here.



The Uncertain Economic Reports

Perhaps the most confusing and irritating federal report on the state of the US economy is the Dept. of Labor's monthly CPI report, which the media makes public, but withour comment. For the pastb year, the CPI report has indicated that consumer prices where largely flat, or declined. As most consumer well know, consumer prices,especially for essential items such as food, fuel, rents,local and state taxes and fees, and health care have all gone up anywhere between 10-100%. And of course 50 million Social Security recipients have not received a COLA adjustment for 2010 because of this flawed monthly CPI report. Despite numerous calls to out local Congressional representatives to addressed the Labor Depts. unbelievable and flawed CPI calculations, NOTHING has been done. It seems that the economic war against Middle Class Americans and the befuddleing of the American public is being allowed to continue!