Oliver Hagen

-- by Alyssa Rodriguez

Some of Oliver's earliest music memories involve learning music alongside his father. At a young age, he recalls playing along with a song by Sting. Other times, his father taught him the African balafon, a type of xylophone with gourd resonators. Now, he works with notable new music ensembles, including New York City's Ensemble Signal and Ensemble Intercontemporain of France, where he worked alongside conductor Pierre Boulez. 

Oliver grew up playing piano, where he studied under Marc Ponthus. He inspired Oliver’s interest in contemporary classical music. Marc Ponthus is known in the piano-playing world as the first pianist to perform solo programs featuring avant-garde composers, including Xenakis, Stockhausen, and Boulez.

Oliver is finishing up a DMA in Conducting at Eastman School of Music, the same school where he met Brad Lubman his freshman year, who he still collaborates with in Ensemble Signal.

To learn more about Oliver Hagen and Ensemble Signal, listen to the full podcast on Soundcloud.