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Guests: Prof. Todd Krauss & Prof. Lewis Rothberg from the University of Rochester, and
Host: Dr. Calvin Uzelmeier, RMSC Director of Education
Guest Bios:
Prof. Todd Krauss, University of Rochester.
Todd Krauss is Director of the University of Rochester Materials Science Program and a Professor of Chemistry and Optics. His main research interest concerns understanding fundamental chemistry and physics properties of nanometer scale semiconductor materials, and how these materials can be used for potentially revolutionary applications.  (Nanometer scale materials are ten-thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair.)

Prof. Lewis Rothberg, University of Rochester.
Lewis Rothberg teaches and does research in the area of organic electronics and as a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Rochester since 1996. His research group investigates the science of light emission, charge photogeneration and charge transport in conjugated, processable materials with an eye to future applications in flexible displays, solid-state lighting, electronic paper and organic solar cells.

Calvin Uzelmeier, Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC).
Calvin Uzelmeier is the Director of Education at the RMSC, where he leads all education initiatives at the museum.  In addition to his graduate research in materials science, he has worked as a chemical researcher with Rohm & Haas Chemical Company, and the Department of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratories.  He is an adjunct professor at Monroe Community College, and has served as a science education consultant for Time Publications "Find Out Why" Magazines for children, and Disney Animation for their Saturday morning cartoon series.

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