Understanding the ACA

How Do I Get Coverage If I Am Retiring Early And Don't Yet Qualify For Medicare?

What should a new retiree do about health insurance coverage before she's eligibile for Medicare?


Can I Go To The Marketplace If I Don't Like My Employer's Plan?

Does an employee have the option to switch from employer-sponsored health insurance to coverage through the New York state marketplace?


Business Owners Advised To Exercise Caution As Details of Mandate Trickle Through

Lead producer on the WXXI's Understanding the ACA project, Michelle Faust, is joined by Geoff Gerbasi of Gallagher Benefit Services in the first installment of the series for Need to Know.


Can I Share The Cost Of Covering My Son With My Ex?

Can parents sharing custody purchase different insurance products for their child using the exchange?


Small Business Owners Weigh Health Insurance Options

Is it better for a small business owner to provide health insurance, or give employees a raise to help them buy coverage in the marketplace?


How Do I Work Out Whether I Am Eligible For Subsidies When My Income Is So Variable?

How does a sole proprietor estimate her health care subsidy if her annual income is difficult to predict?

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