Someone to watch over you - updated 3/15

Classical 91.5 listeners are sending composer busts from around the country.  Zap yours to Classicalatwxxi.org or connect through facebook.  We'd love to see your favorite bust.

Sixth sense

One day in middle school, walking out of the lunchroom down a long, sunny hallway, I saw my father emerge from the band room where he taught instrumental music. He spotted me and pivoted, approaching with another music teacher alongside and holding a thick, green glass Coke bottle in his hand. It was half full.

At Glimmerglass, the alarm is on love

The first and only time composer Richard Wagner saw his opera Das Liebesverbot performed, things did not go well. The orchestra stumbled. The singers ad-libbed. The leading tenor sparked an affair with the leading lady, whose husband eventually stepped in with a left hook. Bloodshed ensued. When it was all over the composer complained in an 1836 letter, “They are all shit-heads [Scheisskerle] here!”

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