Jack Leax

Jack Leax interview, National Poetry Month

Poet Jack Leax is retiring after more than 40 years of teaching at Houghton College. Click below to hear an extended interview with him about the astounding changes he’s seen in the Genesee Valley. He also reads some poems.
My sister and I were talking about poetry the other day and how the random status updates of our Facebook friends sometimes read like verse. So here’s a poem for National Poetry Month from today's updates.
Status Update
My oldest friend says, “Good Morning All!
Wasn't Adam Lambert great last night? That boy can SING!”
Another old friend laments the end of the chocolate cake
but smiles at the thought that the chili is still in the fridge.
A co-worker has totally lost his voice but is finally feeling better.
A writer I admire is dreading the whole car situation.
The wife of a friend is trying to decide on a menu for Easter,
and the guy who organizes board games is feeling contemplative.
Denes is at the hospital with Leonard and Esther,
and an old boyfriend writes,
“I have nothing profound to say at this time.
Really. Nothing.”
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