High School Musical

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

This weekend I saw High School Musical 3: Senoir Year with my unabashedly enthusiastic sister, Marsha.  She already knows most of the lyrics to the songs in the frothy Disney fantasy.   

Despite remembering high school as a relatively miserable experience, I confess I got caught up in the spirit of the film.  I marveled at its Juicy Fruit exuberance.  I almost burst into song myself.


Secret Confessions from Skitty

Skitty says, “I like High School Musical, High School Musical 2, and the song 'Ruby Blue' by Roisin Murphy."

Skitty would also like to squash the urban legend that the Cookie Monster (seen on WXXI-TV’s Sesame Street) will evolve into the Veggie Monster. Not true, though sources close to the puppet say Cookie is diversifying his diet to include the occasional broccoli spear. Skitty is not sure what to make of Lindsay Lohan posing as Marilyn Monroe in New York magazine. She’s wholly vegetarian, but not for kids.

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