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Strings and Hammers - New music for a piano trio with a twist

"Strings and Hammers" is a piano trio with a twist - violinist Siri Virtanen, pianist Eunmi Ko, and double bass player Julia Shulmann. They've comissioned five new works for these three instruments, and you can hear their "Première" concert this Saturday at 8pm at Christ Church.


Recorders in Rochester, still playing after 50 years

Do you remember playing recorder in school? Do you still have your recorder?  In Rochester, you can learn and play the recorder with the Rochester Chapter of the American Recorder Society.


Howard Hanson's vision of a musical America

Howard Hanson would have loved NPR's From the Top. 

He was a passionate educator.

In 1996, musicians all over the world paid tribute to Howard Hanson in celebration of his 100th birth anniversary. 

But whether he’s more important as an educator or as a composer is still up in the air.

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelly had faith that love and reason would make life ever more perfect.  I have faith that spring IS coming and that great music and poetry will soothe our dark thoughts in this endless winter. There is so much to look forward to! Here's a taste of what's coming to you in the morning from Classical 91.5 FM this week . . .

You can't take a goldfish for walks

Click on the link below to hear conductor Ed Schell explain how his singers came to grips with their feelings about a classic song.

Let it go! It's time to celebrate women's music on WXXI-FM

Women composers’ music has never been more interesting or prolific, and you’ll hear splendid examples of it throughout the month of March.  On Classical 91.5, we'll start the day with inspired music, arts news, features, and the latest headlines.  The Mystery piece airs at 6:40.

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