Upstate Economy

Reinventing the Windmill: A Call for More Regulation

Not all turbines are created equal, and WXXI Innovation Trail Reporter Emma Jacobs reports that is why some in the wind business are asking for more regulation of their own industry.


WindTamer Drifting to Pennsylvania?

The local wind power start up is looking outside our region for a place to build its new manufacturing facility. 

Touring PAETEC's New HQ Site with CEO Arunas Chesonis

PAETEC Board Chairman and CEO Arunas Chesonis unveiled more about his vision for the company's new world headquarters on WXXI's Need to Know Rochester

WXXI Capitol Bureau Report: Paterson Calling for Compromise on Mosque

Governor David Paterson calling for compromise in an effort to cool down the debate over the proposed mosque in lower Manhattan.


Innovation Trail: Building Up Broadband

Small towns are scrambling to provide high-speed internet so businesses can have all the tools they need to reach the rest of the world.


Framework of Deal for Downton PAETEC HQ 100% Done

PAETEC CEO Arunas Chesonis gave an update on the company's plan to build its corporate headquarters at the former Midtown site.


Growing Number of Homeless Children in Rochester

Area homeless shelters are seeing a significant increase in the number of families with children needing a place to stay.

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