Rochester City School District

Focus on Mayoral Control

WXXI News analyzes the controversy over Mayoral Control of Rochester City Schools.

Brizard on the Future of City Schools

Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard spoke LIVE on WXXI's 1370 Connection Tuesday, January 5.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mayoral Control

Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy wants to takeover the Rochester City School District. What does this mean?

Monroe County School Boards on Mayoral Control

The debate over mayoral control of Rochester schools continues with a new voice on WXXI.

Superintendent Brizard's Statement

Rochester City School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard released a statement regarding Mayor Bob Duffy's proposed takeover of city schools. He will soon be a guest LIVE on 1370 Connection with WXXI's Bob Smith.

Read the RCSD Strategic Plan

Rochester City School District released it's new strategic plan. You can read it online at their website or download the attached PDF version.

Mayor Duffy to Seek Control of City Schools

WXXI's Bob Smith talks about the Mayor's plan with education policy expert David Hursh of the University of Rochester's Warner School.

The Facts of Life: Sexual Behavior and Learning

High risk sexual behavior is often a fact of life for many Rochester City School students.  Hear how this behavior impacts their academic careers.

A Difficult Journey: From the NICU to Success in the Classroom

Many students who spent time in neonatal intensive care units as babies face difficult challenges in school - a fact the Rochester City School District must deal with to achieve the goals in its strategic plan.

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