Rochester City School District

WXXI to Televise Forum on Mayoral Control

WXXI will host a live televised forum Thursday, April 1 at 8:00pm on Mayor Robert Duffy's proposal to take over control of Rochester City Schools.

High School Graduation Rates Announced

The New York State Education Department released its report on High School Graduation Rates locally.

CGR's Mayoral Control Survey Form

The Center for Governmental Research is surveying 2,000 Rochester residents about the possibility of Mayoral Control of Rochester City Schools.

Click on the link below to download a PDF copy of the form used for the survey. Note: only surveys mailed by CGR will be accepted as part of the poll.

New Poll Coming on Mayoral Control of RCSD

The Center for Governmental Research will conduct a survey of 2,000 Rochester residents to get their opinions on the possibility of Mayor Duffy taking control of Rochester City Schools.

RCSD's Brizard Proposing Major Changes

Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard outlines some of his plans, saying he will vigorously pursue them.  Watch the interview on Need to Know, tonight at 8:30, only on WXXI-TV 21, Cable 11 or 1011.

City Council's Carolee Conklin on Mayoral Control

The Finance Committe Chair talks about the possibility of Mayoral Control of Rochester Schools.

Mayoral Control Week on 1370 Connection: Parents, Experts & Politicians

The City of Rochester postponed four public forums to discuss the proposed Mayoral Control of Rochester's schools. WXXI has already begun to host the debate on our air on here on

Duffy Releases Draft Schools Proposal

Rochester's mayor has released his draft proposal for mayoral control to the public.

The draft proposal is the public's first opportunity to read some of the specifics on how the Mayor's plan would work.

Comptroller Report Critical of RCSD

Hear what the comptroller criticized the district for during All Things Considered beginning at 4pm on WXXI-AM 1370.


State Education Report Becomes Debating Point for Mayoral Control

The New York State Department of Education listed nine Rochester schools among those considered "persistently lowest achieving."

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