Rochester City School District

Finance Students Learning "The Trade"

Rochester City School students got hands-on experience in a simulation of the global economy in the International Economic Summit Project.


One Step Closer to Mayoral Control

Mayor Robert Duffy called the draft legislation given to Governor Paterson a starting point for State Legislature deliberation.

Mayoral Control now Targeted for 2011

Mayor Robert Duffy now says that his plan to take control of the City School District will not happen in 2010.

Diane Ravitch on Mayoral Control

Urban education expert Diane Ravitch explains her conclusions about the relationship between school governance and student achievement.

Community Leaders Speak out on Mayoral Control

Prominent community leaders on both sides of the issue of Mayoral Control explain their views in messages recorded by WXXI. 

Majority of Poll Respondents Favor Mayoral Control

A poll commissioned by the Center for Governmental Research shows 62% of respondents are strongly or somewhat supportive of mayoral control of Rochester city schools;Twenty-three percent say they strongly or somewhat oppose mayoral control.

Mayor Gives New Details on School Takeover Plan

Mayor Bob Duffy's plan to take control of city schools outlines the plan for improving conditions within the first two years of a proposed five year trial period.


New Details on Mayoral Control Plan

Mayor Bob Duffy has released more specifics on his plan to take over control of city schools.

Brizard's Portfolio Plan to Reconfigure Schools

As part of his strategic plan, Rochester School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard has developed a portfolio plan to create higher-achieving schools.

Brizard's Sweeping Changes Outlined

Rochester City School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard presented his plan to reconfigure schools to the school board.

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