Election Brings Hope for Redistricting Changes

Government reform groups say the next election cycle presents the best chance yet for redistricting reform that they say would put an end to gerrymandered state legislative districts.

Siena Poll: Cuomo Leads Paladino by Wide Margin

Democrat Andrew Cuomo has a 24 percentage point lead over Republican Carl Paladino in the run for governor.

Candidates for Governer Differ on Abortion Issue

The major party candidates for Governor hold very different views on the issue, with Democrat Andrew Cuomo staunchly pro-choice and Republican Carl Paladino staunchly pro-life.

Analyzing the Week in Politics

WXXI and our Voice of the Voter partners bring you an in depth look at the week in politics on Need to Know Rochester.

Pop + Politics

Sun, 10/24/2010 - 10:00pm

Tune in for part 1 of 3 as host Farai Chideya investigates midterm elections.

Cuomo Campaigns in Rochester

Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Cuomo's was in Rochester Friday at a rally with running mate and Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy.

Siena Poll Gives Cuomo 2-to-1 lead Over Paladino

The poll released Thursday morning shows Andrew Cuomo at 57% and Carl Paladino at 24%. It is in sharp contrast to a Quinnipiac Poll that has Paladino within six percentage points.


Paladino Pulls Close to Cuomo in New Poll

Republican nominee and Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino trails Democratic nominee Andrew Cuomo by 6 percentage points in the race for governor.

The Conservative Party and the Campaign for Governor

Rick Lazio lost the Republican primary for Governor, but what he does as the Conservative party nominee is very important to the party this election year.

Analyzing the NY Primary Results

WXXI News Director Julie Philipp analyzes the results in New York's Primary election with Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt and NY NOW's Matt Ryan.

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