Canal Towns

A documentary about the Erie Canal, from the perspective of some of the people and communities it touches. Produced in collaboration with the Landmark Society of Western New York.

Opened in 1825, the Erie Canal was an engineering marvel in its time and remains so today. More than a feat of engineering, the Canal gave access to the rich lands and resources west of the Appalachians. The waterway brought wealth and a host of new influences to Rochester the other towns it touched.

At the 175th anniversary of the opening of the Canal, WXXI travels from Palmyra to Fairport to Pittsford to Spencerport to Holley, exploring towns and meeting people along the waterway. Through family stories, vintage photos, stunning contemporary images, Canal Towns looks at the past, present and future of an amazing man-made resource.

Attached below you'll find interview transcripts from the documentary.

Tom Grasso on the Canal that almost wasn't127.49 KB
Amy Machemer on Farming77.5 KB
Bonnie Hays on Palymra, Believe it or Not85.84 KB
Robert Corby on Pittsford, the elder village159.06 KB