Summer mornings in June

Summer mornings in June

Edvard Grieg found summertime inspiration in this composer’s hut at Troldhaugen.

"…I’m happy with my decision; it's absolutely magnificent here. By the way, I'd also just mention that there's a ton of beer gardens . . . "

(Postcard from Brahms, eight days after arriving in Thun, to his future biographer Max Kalbeck)

Summer brings natural beauty into full flower, and it offers precious thinking time to artists and musicians.  The summer Robert Schumann went on holiday to Switzerland and Italy, he wrote the first part of his Papillons for piano.  Brahms produced three incredible chamber music jewels during a vacation in 1886 at Hofstetten near Lake Thun in Switzerland. Grieg’s creativity blossomed in his cabin at his summer home, which is now a museum.

Taste the fruits of their inspiration every weekday morning on Classical 91.5 when Brenda Tremblay offers all you need to start your day at 6:00am, whilst John Andres eases you into Sundays from 6:00am until With Heart and Voice.

Luna Galassini will be your weekday host from June 21st through the end of the month.  You’ll catch a bit of news, a poem, the beauty of bird song, and the best in classical music in the finest performances. 


Luna Galassini

Before this Summer, I had only listened to 91.5 on rare occasion, but this year I tuned in almost every morning and afternoon for my short commute to work and back. Classical has never been my favorite genre, but I can always tolerate it and it's often quite good. Other radio stations on the other hand, even ones that play some of my favorite music like the RIT station, have a lot of junk I can't stand at all. 91.5 is where it's at for my 10 minute drive each day, and even though it didn't change my mind about Classical, I kept coming back to it. Part of the reason for that was Luna Galassini's fill in for Brenda.

Luna's voice is incredible. I could listen to her talk all day long. Brenda's is nice too, and I honestly think 91.5 has done a great job picking hosts that all have pleasing radio voices appropriate for the station, but Luna ruled them all. I once waited in the parking lot a little after 8 just to finish hearing her weather report. That said, I'd like to know if she is still a host now that Brenda is back in the morning, if there are pictures of her anywhere because I'd love to match the voice to a face, and also to encourage her to keep using that voice. I mean, really, read some audio books or something, Luna!

Keep it up, guys. Thanks for the station.