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Snow and Happiness

I really had no decided direction for today's Education blog- I took a "something will inspire me" approach (which is so not like me) and have been justly rewarded with two themes: snow and happiness. Clearly, the snow needs no explanation unless you're reading this from somewhere where it's not still snowing. As for happiness, after reading Brenda Tremblay's blog, it made me think about the things that make people happy. Hence, snow and happiness.


Kids & Computers

Does your child use the computer? Chances are, since you are reading a blog, that your child is a computer user and is somewhat technologically savvy. November 29th is Electronic Greetings Day and November 30th is Computer Security Day. Both of these days give you a good excuse to re-examine and refresh your child's computer use.


Bountiful Family Fun

My goal in writing this blog today is to make you feel thankful not only for the impending Thanksgiving holiday, but also for the fact that I can write a blog that is shorter and to the point, while still being interesting (I hope). Here goes.......

Coinciding this week are: National Family Week (11/18-11/24), National Game and Puzzle Week (also 11/18-11/24) and Better Conversation Week (11/19-11/25). With Thanksgiving being this Thursday, the fore mentioned observances are not only perfect timing, but ideal topics for today's blog as well.


Reading + Writing + Family = Loads of Fun!

While trying to decide upon a focus for this week's blog, I browsed through my holidays and observances calendar for inspiration. Lucky for me, a few related themes quickly jumped out, so here I am writing about.....writing. And reading. And families. Being a bit of a bibliophile, I am quite excited to share some ideas, resources and thoughts on reading, writing and family. I read a lot, I write a lot and I have a LOT of family. This is as good as combining chocolate and peanut butter!


Knee Deep in Notoriously Busy November

Now that November is in full swing, I'm sure that you are starting to feel that all-too familiar whirlwind of school + holiday + family activities that seems to kick into warp speed during this time of year. My mind is already awash with holiday plans (what to buy? what to cook? where to go? who to see? what to do?), so it is easy to get carried away with the hustle and bustle of things to come and sometimes miss the many teachable moments that present themselves to us every day.

November 8 is Parents as Teachers Day! You (YOU!) are your child's first and foremost teacher. Who else knows your children as well as you?


November? Already??

Knock knock.
Who's there?
WHAT?? It can't be?? Already!??

I don't know about you, but I feel like October just got here and now it's almost November. I know what you're thinking- things like: It feels like the school year just started! It's almost 2nd quarter and I still have so much to do from 1st quarter! Right around the corner is the season for holiday breaks, vacations, lots of missed school days and cold, snowy weather.


Welcome! Why a WXXI Education Blog for Parents??

Welcome to the first installment of our blog for parents! You may be asking yourself, "Why have a blog for WXXI parents and families?" To share, of course! Each week I will pass along a few websites, books, music, tidbits, events or just fun facts that you, as parents, may find useful and (hopefully) interesting.

Up first.....October is Fire Prevention Month. Do you have a fire plan for your home and family?

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