Yo-Yo Ma

I have the chance to interview cellist Yo-Yo Ma this week. What should I ask him?



Hmmmm, ask him if he still

Hmmmm, ask him if he still keeps a good eye on his 'cello after leaving it in that taxi!


Good idea.

It seems like a lot of string players misplace their instruments. You never hear about a lost tuba.

Guilty pleasure?

I would ask if there is any music he enjoys (either listening to or playing) that he considers a guilty pleasure.

Guilty pleasures

The implication in such a question is that there's music to feel guilty about, a hierarchy.

Guilty pleasures

For me, guilty pleasure doesn't mean I actually feel guilty. It's more of awareness that others might look down somehow upon my choice. I guess that still implies a hierarchy, but it's a hierarchy based upon the opinions of others whose standards you may be measured against.

Maybe I'm looking for music people would be surprised to find out he enjoys listening to - something that would elicit reactions of, "Wow, I can't believe you like that...," or something similar.

Or maybe I'm just wondering if he like Foo Fighters. :-)