Where would classical public radio be without music teachers?

This morning on the Sunshine Show, Brenda Tremblay spoke with the President of the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Susan WeberSusan Weber, Pres. NYSMMA (www.nyssma.org)Susan Weber, Pres. NYSMMA (www.nyssma.org) about the upcoming conference to be held in Rochester.  It got me thinking about the significant role that school music teachers play in the potential success and future of classical public radio.

How many of us came to music - and eventually classical public radio - thanks to a music teacher giving us a chance to play the recorder in the second grade - or the experience of those elementary instrumental lessons - or that chorus experience (even though we couldn't carry a tune)?  How many of us have heard a piece on public radio and said, "I remember playing that in my school orchestra...or band...or singing that in my chorus?" 

If you've ever had one of those moments, you can thank a music teacher.  The NYSSMA conference is taking place in Rochester December 4-7, 2008 and many of the concerts are open to the public.  Check out their website for a listing of events. 

So, I hope you'll attend and thank a music teacher for getting you excited about classical music.  Then, write about your memories of how you got interested in music here on my blog.  We'd love to hear from you!



Music Teachers

Ruth, its nice to know there are those who still want to "Teach" and not just produce sound. Helping the mind to know about music is one thing and getting it into the heart is another. A music teacher captures the moment and gives life to sound.... or is it sound to life. !!!! Keep up the very good work there at WXXI because music is so important and it endures forever.