When jazz used to be a four-letter word...

I got an email this week with the subject heading "jass" and this website linked in the body.  This email came from a reputable source, so I knew the link would be at least entertaining, and probably informative.  What it is is a page with some scans of 1920s-era newspaper articles about how "jazz music" was probably worse than drugs like cocaine and opium.
Check it out!  Jazz has come so far, it makes one think about what kind of music is lowbrow in 2009 that might be government funded by 2079...


Best classical music few ever hear

I'm sitting at my kitchen table this rainy Saturday afternoon, going over bills and throwing out papers no longer needed.

And listening to Joachim Raff's 5th symphony.

WXXI and Jack Ertle introduced me to this obscure composer a few years ago. He's one of Jack's favorites and now mine also.

And he has quite a knowledgeable, if not large following throughout the world. Check out this website, and you'll see what I mean. While it's mostly about Raff, it has fairly rigorous discussions of all things classical music. The website is


Chris, perhaps you can add this composer to your playlists once in awhile. My favorites are the 6th and 5th symphonies, but he did at least ten. And many concertos for violin and piano.

Introduce yourself and enjoy some of the best classical music you probably never heard.