Want Some Free TV Coverage for Your Company or Group? Join Us for The 2009 Winter TV Membership Drive

The March 2009 TV  Membership Drive will begin on February 27 and continue to March 18. WXXI will be presenting many great shows and specials during the drive.
Did you know that volunteering for the TV drive can help your company, group or club gain recognition in the community? Each group that brings 7 or more volunteers to answer the phones during the drive will be recognized by the on-air talent with a short description of the group and their logo will be shown on the screen. Snacks and drinks will be provided. What a great way to get some deserved recognition while volunteering your time at WXXI!
Sound interesting? Talk to your group members or employees and see if they would like to join WXXI during our Winter TV Drive.Then call  or email Judy Cutaia at 585-258-0255 (jcutaia@wxxi.org)  or Richard Vuillequez at 585-258-0235 (rvuillequez@wxxi.org) to go over the dates that are available and the time slots that are needed to be filled. You won't be sorry; we have a lot of fun during these drives, you will meet some great people and gain some good publicity.
By the way, the recent radio drive broke all records as far as dollars and new members. Come on, do your part and help make this next TV drive a record breaker too.