Thanks for nothing, Wagner

 Wagner has unexpected results on a snow-covered, 5-degree morning.

I had a musical moment today courtesy of Richard Wagner.  I'm listening to the Prelude and Liebestod from Tristan in the background.  I glance at a picture of a friend who lives in the south (where it is warm, unlike the frozen tundra of Western New York), and right alongside Wagner's yearning and unresolve-able "Tristan Chord," I feel this immensely inflated sense of desire and yearning for Spring.  

I am now sitting here amazed at how the music enhanced my emotional state so strongly.  Of course, Wagner's yearning and desire is love which cannot be had, but somehow it transferred over to my supressed feelings of wanting it to be Spring.  I usually don't allow myself to have those thoughts until February begins, but this year it appears to have started earlier, which means I could be in for a long winter.  Thanks for nothing, Wagner.  Jerk.

And of course, Happy New Year, O Blog Readers!  I trust yours was as lovely as mine (Andrea and I shared a bottle of Chateau Frank from Dr. Frank in the Finger Lakes...I highly recommend).  2009 is the year of the marathon for me: I'm registering in two weeks for the 2010 Disney Marathon, which goes off in mid-January 2010.  Trainging starts in August with lots of build-up races until then.  I think I will test Brenda Tremblay's method of running to minimalist music.  Fear not, running/classical music blog entries await us in 2009.