Summer vacation for young musicians

Click on the attachment to hear Vivian, a fourth grader in Western New York, explain what she's learned in her first year of trombone lessons with her teacher, Mr. Burlison.
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Brenda's morning show

Brenda, I really like your morning programming, with a couple of exceptions, which I hope you will not take too amiss. 1) you must project and enunciate more clearly. You have a lovely, soft, soothing voice, but most often I can't understand a word you are saying. I thought it was my hearing until I listened to June Fisher (sp?) this week -- and heard eveything most clearly. Also, cut a bit of the chatter, especially between 6 & 7 -- you babble more in that hour than Simon did all week! Your music selections are mostly excellent -- just lay off the requiems & dirges: it's bad enough to face another work day without depressing music as background.

I hope these suggestions have not upset you -- I really appreciate having good music and a laid-back host for my early morning preparations, and you have mostly done very well. Thank you!


Dear E3,

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. It's a privilege to play music for you in the morning, and I am glad you are mostly happy with what you've heard.
I will try to speak more incisively.  I will also try to avoid dirges.
As for your perception that I am too chatty between 6-7 a.m., I am all astonishment. You wouldn't BELIEVE the amount of self-editing that occurs in my mind.  I am constantly biting my tongue, sparing you and all our listeners my not-so-fascinating thoughts on the weather, the beauty of Mozart, and the ever-so-slowly-blossoming affection between my senior cat and oversized chihuahua.
Apparently, I have more work to do in this area. 
Thank you for listening. I love music, and I'm glad that you do, too.
Warmest wishes,