Stravinsky in Rochester

“To have Mr. Stravinsky in residence for this past week, and conducting part of this evening’s program, we have brought to our students the most illustrious example of an individual who exemplifies both the knower and the doer. The impact of his presence upon the minds of our students is incalculable”

 – Walter Hendl, Director, Eastman School of Music

Did you know that composer Igor Stravinsky visited Rochester in 1966, for a residency at the Eastman School of Music? I just found recently about his visit, when a listener sent WXXI a program from the occasion as a gift.

Stravinsky and Robert Craft were in residence from March 7-11 in 1966 for a series of concerts and talks. The week culminated in a concert on March 11th, at which Stravinsky was awarded an honorary doctorate.  (If anyone reading this attended any of these events or met Stravinsky when he was in Rochester, I’d love to hear your stories!)  

Here is the program:

(photos by Brenda Tremblay