So what's with the Robo Announcers during the middle of the day?

WXXI-FM 91.5 has received multiple calls and e-mails this week asking about the "robo announcers" during the middle of the day this week.  In an effort to reduce some of our direct costs, we are running an experiment this week while Music Director and Midday host Julia Figueras is on vacation.  Listeners will be hearing classical music from Classical 24, the same service we use during the overnight hours.  The Classical 24 hosts are very professional and provide some lovely classical music. 

Although it took us a couple of days to work out all the bugs of automating the service, we do now have the playlists for each of those days up on our site at  Using Classical 24 during the day to cover vacations helps to reduce the cost of bringing in local hourly paid hosts - a cost cutting measure that we hope you will understand.

Ruth Phinney

WXXI-FM 91.5 Program Director