Royal wedding madness

This week's royal wedding has inspired a souvenir refrigerator, billions of commemorative trinkets, and wide speculation about The Dress.  But we care only for the music. So far, officials have been mum about the processional and recessional. The only thing we know is that Elton John is NOT singing.  On Friday, all will be revealed.

I hope you'll join me -- first thing in the morning -- for glorious music. Here's what's coming up . . .


Monday, April 25

Works by Robert Schumann, Gaspar Sanz, and Pachelbel’s Canon

For Easter Monday -- Five Mystical Songs of spirit and triumph

On Composer’s Datebook: Beethoven waits for Liszt

On the Writer’s Almanac: the invention of radio


Tuesday, April 26

Pieces by Archangelo Corelli, Anton Bruckner, and echoes of a waterfall

The Story of a Bishop and a Pagan, drawn from musical documents and folklore.

On Composer’s Datebook: Sibelius Symphony No. 1

Writer’s Almanac: the birthday of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein


Wednesday, April 27

Berlioz’s Royal Hunt and Storm; pieces by Debussy and Dvorak

The rush of energy that is Prokofiev’s third piano concerto

On Composer’s Datebook: Stravinsky goes dancing


Thursday, April 28

Festive music by Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Ravel

A musical preview of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (which is Friday)

On Composer’s Datebook: Meyerbeer's "African Maid"

FEATURE  Christopher Seaman previews the RPO’s performance of Scheherazade.


Friday, April 29

An English Suite, a late Haydn symphony, more royal wedding music

On Composer’s Datebook: Happy Birthday, Irving Berlin (Russian calendar style!)