Rhymes With Mullet

In preparation for my show Mystery Train, I often head to the library and check out a couple dozen CDs at a time. Some I know, some I've heard of, some just have interesting covers. I spend an afternoon wading through, finger poised in case a track doesn't grab me. It's rare, but once in a while, I make it all the way through a disc without hitting the skip button. Those are the keepers. The last one like that was Welder by Elizabeth Cook.

The standout track is “El Camino.” It's about a girl who gets mixed up with an older guy, the driver of the brown and tangerine title car. He's not the right choice, but she's young and hormone-addled, so she goes along with it, not quite able to hit the skip button. Should it go too far, though...should it end in matrimony, she at least has a plan. It rhymes with mullet.

Elizabeth is playing Abilene for the Jazz Fest. You'll want to bring some extra cash. Hopefully her dad will be there at the merch table