Recent Radio Conversations: Bill McGlaughlin, Art of Books, Music Therapy, etc.

Radio made in a Jello-o Shipping carton, Jell-O Gallery, Leroy, NY

I've recently started including short interviews and features as a part of my time on the radio, broadcasting them alongside the music around 4:30pm. Have you noticed? Do you like hearing them on the radio? Here are links to the online versions of several recent interviews:


Growing up listening to classical radio, I'd hear Bill McGlaughlin hosting chamber music performances and chatting with the musicians on “Saint Paul Sunday.” The beloved weekly program was around for 25 years. And now he's on each weeknight, with “Exploring Music.” He tells so many good stories about music! As part of Exploring Music's 10th anniversary celebrations, I had the opportunity to interview Bill McGlaughlin about his life in music, including some questions that WXXI listeners sent in via Facebook. Here's the full interview.

Here are a few other musical and artistic conversations that I've hosted/produced lately:


Arts Friday: The Art of Books

Arts Friday: Introduction to Music Therapy, with Betsey King (Nazareth College) and Maria Battista-Hancock (Hochstein)

Music programs at the Rochester Public Library 

Donated Instruments find new life in Rochester school music programs (with Patricia Braus of the Rochester Education Foundation) 

Hochstein's MusicArts Club for Youth with Autism (with Maria Battista-Hancock)

Peggy Quackenbush and the Hochstein School


Most arts features as podcasts here: and Arts Friday programs are posted here: