Proud of WXXI's Modern Facilities? Become a Volunteer Tour Guide and Tell Our Visitors All About It!

We know, as volunteers, how lucky the Rochester area is to have a modern, high tech public broadcasting facility like WXXI. The majority of our viewers and listeners have no idea of the services WXXI provides to the community: the national TV and radio shows that are produced here, the educational outreach programs that effect all of the region and the many community events that we sponsor or assist in sponsoring. Events such as The Jazz Festival,  Speaking of Women's Health and booths at all of the many festivals held in Rochester throughout the year.
One of the most satisfying parts of being a tour guide, or docent, at WXXI is hearing the visitors say, "I had no idea that WXXI did that, produced that etc.".
You can help us spread the word about WXXI. Become a WXXI docent! We need a few special people who would like to join our present group of overworked docents. We have more tour requests during  the Spring and Summer months than at any other time and we don't want to turn anyone away. Our tours are for young people, scout troops, retirees, specialty groups or clubs and there are open tours for any area resident to join in.
Sound like something you would like to do?  There is a docent (tour guide) training program scheduled for late April. We will provide training manuals and an in-depth look at all of the WXXI facilities and how they relate to the community. After your training, you will do your first few tours with a seasoned docent and go on your own when you feel comfortable.
Please call Judy Cutaia  at (585) 258-0255 to reserve a spot for the April training session or drop me an email at
See you on a tour!