Ossia, Crumb, Guitar

Sungmin Shin is a classical guitarist and composer, working on his DMA at the Eastman School of Music. He's currently interning at WXXI with Classical 91.5 music director Julia Figueras.

When Sungmin comes into WXXI for his internship work, we've had some time to discuss his upcoming concerts, including a performance of Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death by George Crumb with the group Ossia today (February 18th) at 8pm in Kilbourn Hall.


Here's a snapshot of the music:



This piece is based on four poems by Federico García Lorca that relate to death, and it's scored for baritone, electric guitar, contrabass, piano, and two percussionists.

Here are couple pictures of the electric guitar that Sungmin will be playing in this performance. It's a Gibson Gothic SG, with a cool portrait of Orville Gibson.


There's more info about tonight's concert here. You should also check out Sungmin's classical guitar blog, “The Plucker Report.”