Mystery Creature Week - updated January 13

It’s Mystery Creature Week early mornings on Classical 91.5, with performances evoking animals from Lang Lang, the New London Orchestra, and the Boston Pops.  See if you can identify the mystery animal at 6:40 a.m.

Here's a gallery of Classical 91.5 companions with comments from listeners.  Check back for new additions, and feel free to send your picture to

Writes Helen, "My son's newest dog Lulu is just six months old. Part pit bull but the friendliest animal ever. And she will stay that way with my son training her. She will only know love and friendship."



Writes one Classical 91.5 listener, "Here is the elder statesman of the household, Tommy, next to our window bird feeder in this study I think of as peaceful coexistence."

"And then there is Socks, soon to be four years old, but still acting like a kitten and getting into trouble every day.  Whenever I'm at the computer, he is on the desk with me."

Here's another view of Socks. "He can't resist exploring any bag or box coming into the house."

Meet Puccini (below). "I am a RAGDOLL and I listen to WXXI 24-7!!  Soon, my Mom will send a pic of my brother, ROSSINI."

Says Rossini, "I, too, LOVE WXXI! My Mom has been a long time patron."



Here's Elka and Argus.  "Early mornings we go for a hike in the woods, and when we arrive back, we all listen to WXXI live on the internet."  After the pups eat their breakfast, their owner writes, they take a snooze to the relaxing sounds of classical music!


"Here are Mickie and Cocoa in an uncharacteristically friendly pose (this happens about once a year)."

"These were when they were about 6 months old.  Suki became my wife's owner.  Tara took over me, including sleeping with me and keeping my legs warm."


 "She's a foster now, but will be adopted by us soon."

"Gary (who's a girl cat) helps Randy practice the guitar."