Mr. Oboe

Am I the only person alive who thinks Chester Pitts (a.k.a. "Mr. Oboe") might have a happier life if he rejects the NFL and plays the oboe instead?

Yeah, I guess I probably am.



Was it really that bad

What I didn't like is that the commercial made it seem like he was rescued from a life of oboe playing by the chance encounter with Ephraim Salaam....


Of course, we're making the false assumption that he was a decent oboe player. An excerpt from Bach's Brandenburg Concerto is playing in the background, and maybe it's not him playing. Maybe he isn't that good, but the mere fact that he even knows how to put the instrument together is enough to make a commercial out of it.

Even so, I think it's a great little story, well crafted in a very short time.

As for a career in football . . . he IS making a ton of dough and is famous, something few oboists can claim.

Thanks for writing.


P.S. Andrew, I downloaded WNYC's program about Wagner's Ring Cycle, but haven't found time to listen yet. Looking forward to it!

Ok, but can he make his own reeds?

Sometimes, after spending hours gouging and shaping cane, tieing up and scraping reeds, I wonder if I should have "pumped a little more iron "! Anyway, at 60 years of age, I can still find great enjoyment playing chamber music. Will Chester be able to "hit the line" still at that age? Hopefully, he will keep his oboe chops up!

Dear Reedman,

Your comment reminds me of a friend who, when asked which sport he played in high school, replies that he was a "mathlete." Good for you for keeping up your chops and making your own reeds. I'm going to go pump some iron now. . .