Mordecai Lipshutz, March 4th, shortly after he'd announced his retirementMordecai Lipshutz, March 4th, shortly after he'd announced his retirement
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Congratulations Mordecai

Congratulations and best of luck on your retirement!

You were a welcome voice during decades of car rides home from work for me and I'm sure for thousands of others.
And, I enjoyed many noontime at Hochstein shows on the radio and a few in person over the years.

Art Nielsen


I will miss your voice and warm presence that, combined with beautiful music, made my home feel extra cozy in winter and airy in summer. Best wishes.

a gem of a guy named Mor-de-cai (but without hyphens, actually)

a consumate host,
maintaining superb hospitality always,
whose selections made the close of the afternoon
and the beginning of the evening very delightful
and often moving, edifying,
whose fairness and acceptance of those whose background
and, possibly, belief and practice were different from his own,
posed no hindrance, and who loved to glean the best of each
lastly, a man whose acquaintance and handshake I was delighted
aquire at the close of the Live from Hochstein concert in which
Christopher Seaman conducted an outstanding, and not unique
for the sake of being quirky, rendition of Shubert's Eighth....
I am pleased to hear you will be a regular part-time host for I
hope many years to come. Godspeed; my prayers go with
you, sir!