Merry Christmas from Classical 91.5, WXXI-FM

You're invited to wake up with joyful, exhilarating music to celebrate the holidays with musicians and friends, including Alden Duserick, who played Tiny Tim in Geva Theatre’s latest production of A Christmas Carol.  Conductors who inspire children will share their favorite music, including David Harmon, conductor of the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra; Casey Springstead, the new music director of the Hochstein Youth Symphony Orchestra; and Maryellen Giese, leader of the Hochstein Youth Singers and Hochstein Singers. (Maryellen offered a poem from one of her students.)  Fourth grader Morgan Vidal, who played the role of Marta in Pittsford Musicals’ production of The Sound of Music, sings a song.   Finally, a special treat: former Sunshine Show host Simon Pontin offers a gift from his personal collection of recordings that WXXI-FM listeners have been requesting for several years. Merry Christmas!



Your 12/25/12 show

I was hoping to catch the podcast of your Christmas morning show, since my cousin Maryellen and her choir were on it. The reason I was hoping for a podcast is that in Minnesota your show was on from 5 AM to 8 AM and I woke up at 7:45 and missed it!! I would have also liked to hear Simon's section since i woke up to his birds every morning 1979-1982.