Making Your Mark in Life

Heroes come in the form of everyday people we look up to; they have an idea of changing the world or the community they live in and commit themselves to accomplishing something noble. These everyday people are merely citizens that set out on a journey to solve a societal, political or economic problem or need.

We can leave a lasting mark in life by serving as model citizens.

There is always a significant problem or need that warrants intervention; these issues are all around us if we simply take the time to care. Before looking to others to solve the problem, consider how your life and talents can be used to develop a solution; we refer to this as seizing the opportunity.

A few years ago, I began examining my life and work. The process revealed the need to focus my efforts on real solutions and to avoid activities that didn’t get at the core of a problem.

The mark you leave can have a personal benefit and have a profound impact upon your community. Perhaps the best place to start is by asking yourself a key question; what is the problem that keeps emerging around you? Are you willing to make your mark by spearheading a solution and live by seizing the opportunity instead watching it go by?