La ci darem la mano - Variations on Sinatra and Mozart

Which is stranger: Danny Kaye conducting the New York Philharmonic or Frank Sinatra singing opera?

Check it out here in the movie “It Happened in Brooklyn” (1947), Sinatra sings in “La ci darem la mano” – a duet from Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni, where the Don seduces Zerlina.

A bit of idle searching later, I’ve found a few other unusual versions of “La ci darem la mano.”

Sheryl Crow (with Pavorotti):

It’s just a short clip…but is that really Sting?

composers have been drawn to the aria as a theme for compositions: Beethoven (wind trio), Chopin (piano and orchestra), and Danzi (clarinet and orchestra).

Here are a few more unusual takes on “La ci darem la mano” that are tucked far, far down in YouTube search results: 

Part of a performance of Don Giovanni Sung in Arabic:

is just pretty cute:


As fun as all these variations are, I have two favorite versions. One is a concert performance by Dmitri Hvorostovsky & Renee Fleming:

(Why yes, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, I’ll be right over)

My favorite recording of the entire opera stars the great Cesare Siepi. Here’s Siepi as Don Giovanni, with Erna Berger as Zerlina:

And just for reference, here’s a translation of the text:

Nr. 7 - Duettino

Give me thy hand, oh fairest,
Whisper a gentle 'Yes',
Come, if for me thou carest,
With joy my life to bless.

I would, and yet I would not,
I dare not give assent,
Alas! I know I should not...
Too late, I may repent.

Come, dearest, let me guide thee.

Masetto sure will chide me!

Danger shall ne'er come nigh thee!

Ah … that I could deny thee!

With thee, with thee, my treasure,
This life is nought but pleasure,
My heart is fondly thine.



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