Imani Winds, Classical Workouts, and Lovvvvvve

It’s only February, but a lot of really cool stuff is going to have to happen this year to knock the Imani Winds’s recent performance on Backstage Pass off my list of coolest things in 2012. You can watch the whole thing online right here:

found it definitely much less cool that NPR Music’s Ultimate Workout Mix has only one classical music piece on it! It was a good one…

…but I think we need more. Some suggestions from friends have included Ravel’s Bolero (oof), a Bach concerto (pretty good rhythms), and Ride of the Valkyries (righteous way to get through the last stretch). What classical music would you use for a workout?


 Image of Heart with Treble Clef


And this whole Valentine’s Day thing is happening again. Depending on your feelings on the matter, it’s time to break out the heart-shaped candy or the horror movie marathons. 

While I think the best way to share the love is by donating to your favorite classical music radio station, I’d love to hear your favorite romantic suggestions for Rochester-area Valentines. Key Largo is on at the Dryden, and a yoga studio in my neighborhood is offering a partner class on Valentine’s day, promising “great stretches, awkward laughter, and lots of love”

I’m sure there are other fun options, both for the weekend and Valentine’s Day itself. Any suggestions to help out a Rochester newbie?