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mystery singer friday jan 211

The singer is of course Marian Anderson, singing on the Capitol steps after the DAR refused to allow her to use their auditorium. Eleanor Roosevelt was so angered by the refusal that she cancelled her own DAR membership and was a major force in securing the prominent new venue.
The event was broadcast widely. We then lived in Alexandria, across the Potomac River. My mother sat my brother and me in front of the radio to listen to the historic event. At ages six and three I'm not sure how much we understood of the significance of the occasion but I've never forgotten the voice.

Marion Anderson

Wow! To have heard that live on the radio LIVE must have been very special for you and your family. Thanks for listening to Classical 91.5. The daily mystery piece airs every weekday morning at 6:40, and for another week, we'll explore NPR's 50 Great Voices.