Host Mordecai Lipshutz retires

Host Mordecai Lipshutz retires: The End of an Era at WXXI-FM

After 32 years of hosting Classical music on WXXI-FM, Classical 91.5 host Mordecai Lipshutz announced his retirement March 4, 2008, from his full-time airshift. As Program Director, and long time friend of Mordecai's, it is going to be hard not to have Mordecai around everyday.

We are all comforted - as I'm sure listeners are as well - that he'll be filling in from time to time. We have every intention of keeping up the tradition of things like "Christmas Eve with Mordecai" and "A Night of Smiles" on New Year's Eve. Mordecai is a part of the WXXI family and so he'll still be around at station events, in the audience at "Live from Hochstein," and certainly as a big part of the arts community all around Rochester. One of the things that Mordecai is looking forward to is being able to attend more concerts, now that his evenings will be free.

Retirement wishes can be sent to, or via USPS to WXXI-FM, P.O. Box 30021, Rochester, NY 14603.



Mordecai's retirement

From someone originally from the Philadelphia ares as well. Upon retiring from EK in '06 and moving south, I lost track of listening to WXXI-FM and, although I was in Rochester when the station was known as WBFB-FM, I hadn't realized that Mordecai had been there that long. I mostly heard him on his drive-time program, and he as well as Simon Pontin added a humorous side to classical listening which I very much appreciated. Here's wishing Mordecai many enjoyable warm days in the sun.