Holst's trombone induces sheep birth

 We all know the power of the mighty trombone.  Noble, inspiring, breathtaking, the trombone has inspired generations of humans to great things.  Einstein listened to the "Tuba Mirum" from Mozart's Requiem when he finalized the theory of relativity.  Joyce played recordings of Bruckner while he wrote Ulysses.  Al Gore went to a Chicago concert right before he invented the Internet.  

Suffice to say, throughout the course of history, whenever something amazing happened, the trombone was likely involved.  I know this because I play trombone, and was personally present at all these events.  The trombone, you see, is also a time travel device.
Another tale has come to us from England.  This article recently brought to light the magical powers of not just the trombone, but of an incredible trombonist, Gustav Holst.  It seems that one miraculous night, whilst a young Gustav practiced his trombone in a Cotswald field, he actually made sheep give birth.  And he irritated a Cotswald farmer.  It's true!
Who knew?  What other mysterious powers does the trombone hold?