A Goodbye To Someone Special

Every family has the one special person everybody likes and wants to be with. The WXXI volunteer family has one of those, Judy Cutaia, our events and volunteer coordinator for these many years. Judy has been our leader, teacher, ultimate organizer and friend.
It is with mixed emotions that we recently learned that Judy has announced her retirement from WXXI and will re-locate to her little spot of heaven in Tennessee. Yes, I am glad Judy and husband Chris are going to finally build that dream retirement home they have been talking about for so long, but I am sad that we will no longer be able to work together. I will miss her skills, her helpful suggestions and most of all, her smile.
All of you reading this entry know Judy. Please drop by her desk, send her an email or even a personal letter to say goodbye and good luck.
Thank you Judy for all you have done for our volunteer family and especially for WXXI.